Wednesday, February 27, 2008

To tide you over

I won't be posting for the next three days. I KNOW! However will you survive?! Actually since it's more than likely that most of my loyal readers are the very same family with whom I will be visiting this weekend, I think you'll live. But just in case you're not - here is a plethora of cute Mia & Layla pics for your viewing pleasure.

This morning I dropped Chuck off way early at work so the girls and I dined at the fine eating establishment we like to call Waffle House. As people came in, the waitress greeted each one "Welcome to Waffle House." Mia said "The lady here says 'Welcome to Waffle House' just like the other guy says 'Welcome to Five Guys'. I bet that's his wife!" Because that's the obvious connetion isn't it? If they say the same thing, they must be related!
Have a great weekend!


megan said...

is mia flashing west side?

Jen said...

Looks like it doesn't it?! She's actually showing off the fruit snack in her hand but that's not as cool a picture. So yes, my daughter is representin'.