Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I keep looking at your facebook page.
You were my first friend.
I opened up the scrapbook my mom made and the very first picture is us kissing at age 1. The second picture is us in the July 4th Parade in Grandma's neighborhood.
I remember fighting w/ some kid in Kindergarten because he was sitting next to you. I was so upset. You were MY cousin and that was MY seat!
I remember talking you into walking to the bus stop the long way when there was snow so we'd miss the bus on purpose and have to stay home. That only worked once before our parents caught on.
I remember being jealous of your store bought Halloween costume. It was a cheap plastic Yoda mask with a crappy rubber band. I thought it was awesome.
I remember annoying the crap out of Megan during sleepovers.
I remember Lory chasing you around the St. Michael's playground yelling "Campbell soup! Campbell soup!" and you were so happy when you got to change your name.
I remember drinking Mellow Yellows after our moms' soccer games and singing the Donovan song.
I remember getting candy cigarrettes at Friendly's and thinking we were so cool.
I remember being a flower girl and you the ring bearer.
I remember sitting at the playground by my house until late at night, catching up on all the years we'd missed.
I remember taking Grandpa's raft out too far in the ocean. We were trying to reach the waves where they began. The current was too strong and we couldn't get back to shore. Grandpa had to swim out and drag us back in.
That's how I'm thinking of this. You had gone too far and Grandpa came and got you.

I love you and I will miss you so very much.