Monday, February 25, 2008

Good Night.....eventually

7:30 - Good night Mommy
Good night Mia

8:00 - Mommy, I forgot to brush my teeth
Ok, go brush your teeth

8:15 - My leg itches.
Put some lotion on it and it will feel better

8:30 - There's something stuck in my throat.
So drink some water.
I have juice left.
Then drink your juice.

8:32 - My dress has a little juice on it!
It's ok. Go to bed
But I'm sleeping in your room. I want to get in my bed.
So get in your bed.
I want lots of stuff in my bed.
So get whatever you need and go to bed.
I want Mommy to help me.
I want Daddy to help me.

8:50 - Mommy, I'm crying!!
Why are you crying?

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