Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sean Penn was the original surfer dude

Everytime we watched Fast Times at Ridgemont High, my mother would give us this lecture on how Spicoli was the original "surfer dude" character. All other stoner surfers were based soley on him and his vast expertise in slacking. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would not exist if it were not for Sean Penn.

That is what I thought of as I watched this video.

After getting thrashed so thoroughly, Mia would come running up to me and say things like, "I hate waves. I wish waves didn't even exist!" and then immediately turn around and run back into the ocean.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Foto Friday

This is one of my best friends, Beth, finishing up a photo session she did with us a couple weeks back. They all came out so beautifully but will not be revealed until next month - sorry. This is just sneak peek.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Make a Wish

We introduced Layla to the wonders of making a wish on dandelion fuzz. She didn't quite get the hang of blowing but had fun with them anyway. The girl loves to pick flowers. I never have to pull weeds because she does it for me.

Internet, you rock my world

Be prepared to witness the most beautiful and bad a** screen saver ever. Found this little jem on Kirtsy . You're welcome.

This almost makes me want my computer desk back in the living room. Almost.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pretty in Pink

A couple weeks ago we did a huge purge/clean up/rearrange session in our house. This effort finally gave us our living room back by creating an office upstairs and finally making enough space in the girls' room for their Disney table & chairs to fit. In doing this, I finally opened a tea set they got from their Nonni Great for Christmas. It was like Christmas all over again and I should have done it from the start because now the girls are glued to their room instead of the T.V. and that is a triumphant moment for any parent!

We recently had a group of friends over for a game night and after getting the full tour from the girls, Ashley commented, "I feel like I've just been drowned in Pepto Bismal." I couln't disagree.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


How gimmicky can Reality TV get, I ask you? I love a guilty pleasure show as much as the next person but it's seriously getting retarded. For instance, Last Comic Standing's elimination voting takes place in a graveyard. A graveyard people! Complete with fog machine and the comedians view their axing votes projected onto a giant tombstone. Is that completely necessary? What happened to the simple, go into a photobooth/confessional, come out and take your seat in the comedy club? And the first immunity challenge had the comedians decked out in boxing regalia spouting "Your Mama" jokes at each other. We don't need all this kitch. Just give us the jokes already; they're funny enough on their own. I promise I'll still laugh no matter what they're wearing.
But that show is tame compared to the mother of all reality shows that I had the mistake of watching once and therefore had to watch every minute until the bitter, stupid end. That show was Farmer Wants a Wife. The elimination rounds of this retardation ranged from checking your hen to see if it had laid an egg to checking to see if a cow was pregnant. Want to know how they did that one? It's quite simple really, you put an arm's length plastic glove on, stick your hand up the cow's behind and find the calf inside of her and I AM NOT EXAGGERATING! It was not apparent if the eliminated woman was crying from the elimination itself or because she was covered in cow manure. I'm thinking manure.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Why I love Photoshop

On Friday in Destin, it was cloudy & rainy all day. Very heartbreaking when you're on the beach. As we were driving back to the house from a failed attempt at kiddy rides, I looked out at the ocean and proclaimed, "How cool! You can see exactly where the rain starts!" And promptly jumped out of the car and took a picture. Well this is what I got:

It's not terrible and you can tell it's a storm but even Chuck looking over my shoulder said, "That didn't turn out very good, did it?" And he was right.
But then I got to work and plugged this little baby into photoshop and VOILA! I got what I wanted:

See how much more beautiful the water looks and how much more menacing the clouds look? Photoshop is my new favorite toy. :)