Saturday, February 16, 2008

To the evil clothing coordinators at Target

How I loathe thee. Why must you place the bathing suit collection at the front door? It taunts me and reminds me that I never have nor ever will be able to pull off a string bikini. And yet, I am drawn to it. It takes a lot of will power to avoid it and not start pulling suits off the rack to try on. I desperately want to yet I know it will only end in heartache.

Damn you Target. Damn you.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Dramedy

Another day at home w/ pink eye. I took some fun videos of the girls. But since I am sans usb wire, they will have to wait for another day to be posted. Instead, I will share this awesome video my sister sent me. Enjoy:

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I'm sitting on the couch, watching last night's Project Runway, feeling sorry for myself for being home sick (see below.) I decided to be a bit more positive about the day and thought back to my first Valentine's Day with Chuck. I got him a first edition of a collection of short stories by Stephen King. Sounds totally unromantic but on a 15 hour drive to TX, he read the stories out loud to me as I drove. We made the entire trip without a single fight. We were young.

He got me a rocking chair. We bought it together after searching several stores. We got back to his house and unloaded it on the driveway. Then he pulled me next to him, started rocking and sang to me. I will never forget that moment, staring up at the stars with his arm around me and feeling so loved. Seven years later I still feel that loved. He sings to the girls now more than me and I hope they feel his love too. He is amazing and I so blessed to have him in my life.

Pink is the color of the day

Happy Valentine's Day! To celebrate, both girls and I are home with pink eye. Isn't that appropriate?

Someone come and chop my head off; I'm congested, coughing, and leaking from the eye. All I need is an ear infection and I'm all set.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

TV is back!!

The writer's strike has ended. My wonderful sister just informed me that The Office will be back on the air on April 10. A better bday present for her I can not imagine. Our family obsession can now continue.

Now to go to bed and dream of Jim.......

Shameless promotion

I work for the wonderful City of Chamblee Parks & Recreation Department in Chamblee, GA. On Saturday, March 15 we will host our annual Easter Egg Hunt in Keswick Park. Come see us at 10am and let your kids go crazy looking for eggs filled w/ pure sugar and cheap toys!

We also have THE Easter Bunny. It's really a great event and the kids have a great time. Prizes for the kids who find the special prize eggs and the winners of the Easter Basket decorating contest.

Call 770-986-5016 for more info!!

Time flies

I've been clearing out old files at work and found this video. It's Layla just learning how to crawl. This is Layla now:

This is Layla then: (it's 4 min. long. I have no idea how to edit so stop viewing whenever you get tired of it. I'm her mother and I don't last more than about a min 'til I skip to the end which is amusing to me because it involves me ignoring my husband trying to talk to me about baseball.)

I adore how she flopped on her belly. Almost makes me want to have another on. Almost.

See the insanity

This is an old video since my daughter Mia is about to turn 5, but it acurately portrays a 3-year-old's frame of mind. Note how once the amazing present is opened, everything else must be said in full on scream mode! Well, you can note it if you can hear Mia over the howls of laughter coming from my family.

This is Mia this past Christmas. You can see that not a lot has changed.

The De-Flowering

I love reading blogs. Right now my day is not complete until I visit and I aspire to be just like these women but since I don't have the writing talent they posess in their pinky toes, I'll just stick to what I know which is just repeating all the funny and interesting things I've heard elsewhere. So here we go.....