Sunday, February 24, 2008

Must. Not. Look. Away

This is Layla back when we were all home sick. Because that's when I had the time to take multiple photos of the girls. She woke up extremely cranky but pink eye plus an ear infection will take away anyone's cherub-like demeanor. I gave her a popsicle and it took her about 10 minutes to finally begin eating it. She was that set against being cheerful. So she sat like this until I turned on a Dora the Explorer episode. Then she was all LOOK! I have a popsicle! But then she was distracted by the show and when she finally started eating, it was a wet, sticky mess. But it made her finally stop sniveling so I really couldn't get mad at the melted RED popsicle juice all over the yellow blanket she was wrapped in. Especially when she looks so cute and pitiful at the same time. That's a hard look to accomplish but by golly, Layla's got it down pat.

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