Wednesday, February 27, 2008

To tide you over

I won't be posting for the next three days. I KNOW! However will you survive?! Actually since it's more than likely that most of my loyal readers are the very same family with whom I will be visiting this weekend, I think you'll live. But just in case you're not - here is a plethora of cute Mia & Layla pics for your viewing pleasure.

This morning I dropped Chuck off way early at work so the girls and I dined at the fine eating establishment we like to call Waffle House. As people came in, the waitress greeted each one "Welcome to Waffle House." Mia said "The lady here says 'Welcome to Waffle House' just like the other guy says 'Welcome to Five Guys'. I bet that's his wife!" Because that's the obvious connetion isn't it? If they say the same thing, they must be related!
Have a great weekend!

It's Always Sunny - when there's a dance off!

My new boss has turned me on to the show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I haven't watched a single episode yet thanks to the writer's strike. He just sends me clips on youtube to pass the time during lulls at work. And by the way, is it not awesome to have a boss who not only condones but encourages you to slack at work? I'm just sayin'.

Anyway, I will never miss an episode whenever they come back on the air after watching this which (apologies to The Office) has to be the funniest 30 sec. of TV I have ever seen!

Fingers of fire get burned

My wonderful husband. How I love him so. How I love to poke fun at him. We are addicted to Guitar Hero. I'm actually a recovering addict. I played last night, did two songs and was done. Pretty good. Though maybe getting disgusted at my lack of skill on the hard setting and throwing the guitar back at Chuck should not be considered good but all the same, I stopped playing before midnight and that is saying something.

So take a look at the concentration/boredom on his face. He makes it look so easy, doesn't he?

He hates having his picture taken by the way so I thought I'd be nice and capture something else.

What?! Song failed?! Oh and failed badly my friends. 6%! Ouch. His response? "Thanks for taking a picture of that one"

Don't tell me what to take pictures of mister. I'm not the one failing.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Where the Wild Things Are

Seriously? A live action movie?! Made by Spike Jonze?! And starring the cool kid from Little Miss Sunshine?! Do you realize you had just made my daughter's life?! You have just made my life! I will be wearing my Wild Things shirt. Oh yes I will. And it will be way cooler than when I wore it to be the mystery reader for Mia's class and halfway through the book the kids realized what I was wearing and totaly flipped out. YOU'RE WEARING THE MONSTERS ON YOUR SHIRT!!

Could I sound more like Heather Armstrong right now? I submit that I could not!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Good Night.....eventually

7:30 - Good night Mommy
Good night Mia

8:00 - Mommy, I forgot to brush my teeth
Ok, go brush your teeth

8:15 - My leg itches.
Put some lotion on it and it will feel better

8:30 - There's something stuck in my throat.
So drink some water.
I have juice left.
Then drink your juice.

8:32 - My dress has a little juice on it!
It's ok. Go to bed
But I'm sleeping in your room. I want to get in my bed.
So get in your bed.
I want lots of stuff in my bed.
So get whatever you need and go to bed.
I want Mommy to help me.
I want Daddy to help me.

8:50 - Mommy, I'm crying!!
Why are you crying?

Take a Letter Bonella

Address it to your body.

A great sadness has befallen us all now that your body has failed you. Your infectious laugh, love, and kindness will always be remembered. God has taken your pain away and we take comfort in that. We love you Tricia.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fug the Oscars

If you aren't on the site right now, you are missing out!

I will never watch the Oscars without Heather & Jessica again. I only hope this is a yearly gig for them.

Must. Not. Look. Away

This is Layla back when we were all home sick. Because that's when I had the time to take multiple photos of the girls. She woke up extremely cranky but pink eye plus an ear infection will take away anyone's cherub-like demeanor. I gave her a popsicle and it took her about 10 minutes to finally begin eating it. She was that set against being cheerful. So she sat like this until I turned on a Dora the Explorer episode. Then she was all LOOK! I have a popsicle! But then she was distracted by the show and when she finally started eating, it was a wet, sticky mess. But it made her finally stop sniveling so I really couldn't get mad at the melted RED popsicle juice all over the yellow blanket she was wrapped in. Especially when she looks so cute and pitiful at the same time. That's a hard look to accomplish but by golly, Layla's got it down pat.