Saturday, April 5, 2008

Confessions of a Shopaholic

When Daddy is away, the girls will play. And Layla plays in style. We went shoe shopping, got my big girl a booster car seat, and then dined at Five Guys. There are no words for the excitement in Mia's eyes each time she hears "Welcome to Five Guys!" It's verbal crack to her. Caught up with Chuck late last night and found out that he also had dinner at a Five Guys in NC. And little connections like that totally make my day. Today while cruising the mall, Layla lost the above sunglasses. I'm not sure if she'll recover.
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Friday, April 4, 2008

Got Allergies?

You've gotta love Georgia in the springtime:
If you're the owner of a major pharmaceutical company that is.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What makes you happy?

There are certain things in this world, seen or heard, that brighten up my day in strange and beautiful ways. Some examples:

1. Every time I drive down Peachtree Rd. I see progress on a development converting an old mechanic's shop to a coffee shop. It's called "Get Coffee" and I can't help but say "Yes I will, thank you".

2. There's a commercial on the radio right now for Amp Energy Drink. It features a need to sing Metal and do surgery at the same time and it kills me. "CLOSE HIM UP - HE'S GONNA MAKE IT! YOU'RE LOOKIN' HOT NURSE! OW!" It's the best commercial ever.

3. Chocolate brown combined with any soft color. On Easter, Mom, Erin, and Sean all had outfits with brown and pale teal combinations and it was beautiful. I've even begun to like the color pink (God help me) with brown. The girls' room is all pink and brown and I love it! If my bed didn't have a ginormous black frame , I would totally decorate our bedroom in browns & blues. It's so soothing.
4. Anything that reminds me of The Office. One of my soccer dads is Michael Scott. I took a picture of a menu the other day because it had a beet salad listed. I thought Chuck was going to keel over in embarrassment right then and there. Someone has Mixed Berry yogurt in the fridge here at work! It's endless entertainment for me.

5. Making (and eating) homemade guacamole! I've eaten dinner consisting entirely of guac and chips and not thought anything of it. (Also, I love taking photos of food, another thing that embarrasses the crap out of my husband)

6. When Chuck is out of town, he always calls on the way home. He lies about where he is on the road to be able to surprise me when he walks in the door. It's adorable.

7. The squirrels Mom have trained to come when you cluck at them. The kids feed them nuts on the front porch. I caught myself tittering at a perfectly innocent squirrel in a parking lot the other day.

8. Any time spent with the Campbell Clan. They rock my world!
9. Comfort food at the end of a long day. Normally I go for chocolate or coffee flavored goodness but we just discovered a Mexican place that does bottomless margaritas. Bottomless. Margaritas. And free cheesecake. When I get to heaven, I want it to be like Vallarta.
10. Moments like this:

I'd love to hear from you all out there on the internet. What makes you happy?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hamster Part Deux

At the request of my dear sister, who provided us with this source of entertainment. Here is a little 30 sec. video of The Hamster Wheel:

A few things of note:

My child is too wimpy to walk. Crawling works best.

Layla starts to have a meltdown and the end repeating "my turn! my turn!" When it was her turn, she just sat in it and refused to let anyone near it.

The older kids tried the wheel but it was too small so they curled up in little balls to use it. John Paul uses the head method here:

Also, does anyone else hate the sound of their own voice? Yikes.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Dinner and a show

Bad weather and long naps kept us inside most of the day Saturday. Even Mia took a nap thanks to some gorgeous morning weather and soccer. I decided it was time to introduce the girls to Hibachi! Chuck was skeptical but I was confident that they would love it. I was right. We told Mia it would be a show and by the end of the meal, I was really sick of the word 'show' because Mia would not get over it. "when does the show start?" "when will they cook our food?" "Is this the show?" "Is the cleaning a show?" "I'm glad that's not the show or it would be a really boring show"

I got more entertainment from watching the girls attempt to use chopsticks.