Monday, January 26, 2009

Go Ball Go

Well, here's the video. As you can see, it's sideways. I keep forgetting that while my camera automatically rights sideways photos, it has yet to figure out when I'm retarded and filming sideways. Facebook lets you rotate but not Blogger. So tilt your head and enjoy!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Coming soon to a blog near you....

Wow, I have been neglectful. Sorry to my few dedicated readers. It's not time, I don't think I'm any more busy, just lazier. I'm doing better here than my poor baking blog which hasn't been updated since October.

This weekend we discovered that Mia & Layla can handle Wii bowling. I have video and will post it tomorrow. Layla's form consists of a feeble attempt at "throwing" the ball and then yelling "GO BALL GO BALL GO BALL" as it rolls down the lane. It's hilarious, I promise. I also have plans to include a weekly Layla photo post but since her camera is still in the box and sans batteries, that will have to wait a bit. But when it happens, it will be awesome. What could be better than a 3 yr old's view of the world?

To keep you occupied until I get my stuff together, visit this site my sister sent to me. It is one of the greatest gifts the internet has offered since the Lolcats.