Monday, January 12, 2009

Grey Gaas

My family is Irish. Last week we lost one of our cousins. We are good at being Irish and so we drank. As we drank, we discussed the merits of Grey Goose Vodka. What happened then was a tale of its origin created by the warped mind of my cousin Joel. This is his story:

Grey Goose vodka was invented by a Mr. Goose. He married a woman name Ms. Greygaas. He made a vodka and it was fantastic. He loved his wife very much. He was honored that she had taken his name when they married because she had such a wonderful name before. So he decided to name the vodka after her and call it Greygaas. But decided to spell it Grey Goose to include his name too. But the correct pronunciation should always be like Greygaas*. So what begins as a love story ends as a story of a man who attempts to be chivalrous but just can't do it 100%. After badgering Joel for quite some time about how ridiculous his story is, he claimed to have read it on Wikipedia. So here's that link; try and find the story:

The moral of this story is. When you're feeling inconsolable about the loss of a family member, just find that "special" family member to make you feel all warm & fuzzy inside.
Look how adamant he is and how his family just laughs at him. Bless his heart.

Love you Joel!

*a spelling which I am completely making up by the way