Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sing-along Saturday

I'm making a total fool of myself today just to show how much Mia loves Vampire Weekend. Enjoy

Friday, June 27, 2008

Foto Friday

Just a new feature I'm working on. Stay tuned for Sing-Along Saturday for some Indy treats!I think Megan said it best when she described this photo as "terrific mischief". Thanks to my sister Erin for taking this awesome shot.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Still the cute one

When I was a mere preteen I started feeling the pressure of being the oldest child. I felt that of course my parents loved my sister more. I mean why wouldn't they? Does every sibling go through this? But I went through extremes to find out the truth which was sitting in my parents' room, flipping through every photo album we had and counting the number of pictures of me, and the number of pictures of Megan. I can't even remember what the final count was or why I felt compelled to do it in the first place. But I was reminded of this crazy feat when I looked at my blog labels and saw Mia - 36, Layla - 17. This cannot happen should the day come when Layla starts analyzing everything mommy & daddy do for her and her sister. So to honor my youngest darling, here is a post just for her. I dare you not to think she is the cutest little thing in the whole world. I'm not biased at all, really, I'm not. Well, maybe a little.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A good day for a swim

Last swim meet of the season last night. I've never seen the pool look so beautiful. The perfect weather didn't hurt.
Mia had not 1 but 3 events last night! The last of which was 25 Back! In layman's terms, 25 meter backstroke. To the mom's reading, have you ever underestimated your child? We all did last night. No way can Mia make it. In fact, the girl in the heat ahead of her gave up 3/4 of the way across and freestyled it to the wall. Mia will not make it. I've never been so proud to be wrong. Not only did she make it, she rocked it and used the rope only once to guide her! It was awesome and as soon as she got out she said "I'm ready to go back in!" I'm sad it's over but we can't wait for next year!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Literary craziness

My friend Jill sells used books. She gets some jewels and she gets some duds, and then she gets some that are so insane she is at a loss for words. Her girlfriend told her to create a blog about them and thank God she has and I now have a whole other way to waste time at work. Keep 'em coming Jilly Bean!

They Actually Print This Stuff

Family note: check out the author, I hope he or she is not a relation of ours.

Tips for happy camping

Tip #1: Make sure you pack as much crap as you can fit in your car. Don't be afraid of trapping your child in. Give them a pillow to block the tower of crap and they'll be just fine. Trust me.
Tip #2: Bring glow sticks for the kids but bring more than you think you need. They will go through an entire box in one night if you let them.

Tip #3: When going fishing, be sure to be at a lake with actual fish in it. Five year olds tend to get a little pissy when standing around for long periods of time without a tangible reward.

Tip #4: Swimming is good when the tent turns into an easy bake oven.

Tip #5: Listen to your wife when she tells you that the tarp goes under the tent.