Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fingers of fire get burned

My wonderful husband. How I love him so. How I love to poke fun at him. We are addicted to Guitar Hero. I'm actually a recovering addict. I played last night, did two songs and was done. Pretty good. Though maybe getting disgusted at my lack of skill on the hard setting and throwing the guitar back at Chuck should not be considered good but all the same, I stopped playing before midnight and that is saying something.

So take a look at the concentration/boredom on his face. He makes it look so easy, doesn't he?

He hates having his picture taken by the way so I thought I'd be nice and capture something else.

What?! Song failed?! Oh and failed badly my friends. 6%! Ouch. His response? "Thanks for taking a picture of that one"

Don't tell me what to take pictures of mister. I'm not the one failing.

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Marcie said...

You are hilarious. I have no clue what this "guitar hero" is about, but apparently it's causing marital problems all around the nation! LOL, be careful, you might hurt his feelings! Haha!