Monday, August 17, 2009

The worst brings out the best

How many more people are we going to hear about that are losing their jobs? Too many for my taste. You read the sad stories everyday, people selling their most prized possessions, cutting back on luxuries, downsizing their homes, cars, etc., etc. It's not often you hear the stories of people making it work with the new time they have or finding a new love after a long career was put to rest. Here is such a story. This is the story of Anna. This is a single mom, one of the millions in America laid off. Her newest venture - art. And I love it! It's funky and retro, and just plain fun! Her collages are my favorite. Please check out "It Takes Two" and imagine my girls.

She has her very first art show this Wednesday, August 19 at Get Coffee in Chamblee. Good luck Anna!!!