Saturday, March 29, 2008

Standing at the prime rib counter in my Transformer pajamas

Chuck and I with John Pinette. We caught his show last night at The Punchline. When he makes allusions to his "cherub-like demeanor", it's no joke. Truly, I have never seen a more jovial comic. After getting particularly large laughs from the audience, his face lights up like a child at Christmas. Everyone at our table agreed at the end of the night that we could be suspect to dehydration from the tears lost in laughter. If you haven't heard any of John's work, run to your nearest Best Buy and pick up a CD of his. Better yet, find a DVD because his visuals and facial expressions make the show. Our favorites were his impressions of a baby and ewok. If you're lucky enough to see him live, he will sign anything you have. Our friend George saw him ten years ago in Chicago and John remembered the show and specific people involved at the venue. Just an amazing guy, personable and charming. It was a great night! Then we went to a buffet.
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