Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Her colors will be Blush and Bashful

Could this birthday get any more precious I ask you? It's like Disney just exploded in our house. God bless my sister who, after going cross eyed looking at all the princess parafanalia, went with something completely different. She gave her niece a life size hamster wheel. Oh yeah, check tomorrow for some video. We're breaking this baby out today!

Mom made this cake. She is amazing! Please feel free to comment if you agree with me and everyone else that she needs to start selling these things!

A glimpse at my future of getting my daughter off the phone. This is, of course, a Disney Princess phone. It came complete with a purse, sunglasses, and CREDIT CARDS!! So mom gave her a little lecture about being careful with credit cards because you can get into trouble using them too much. And be careful not to lose them because then other people can use them and steal all your money. This morning she let Layla borrow her purse while she is in school. She told Layla to be very careful with the credit cards. They're very important.

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