Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Who are you calling a klutz?

This is what organization looks like. My attempt to clean out all the bags and bags of baby clothes and hopefully make a few dollars in the process. Hours and hours and hours later I have piles of clothes, sorted by size, all pinned to hangers. They are pinned because if you've ever been to a consignment sale you know how insane it is. How thousands of moms and some very brave dads riffle through racks and racks of "gently used" children's clothes, toys, funiture, etc. It's crowded and cut throat. Let me just say that pinning labels on clothes, clothes to clothes, clothes to hangers sucks. It sucks hard. My Junior year of college, my friends and I decided to make disco balls by pinning silver sequins to large styrofoam balls. It's a long story and one of those "it seemed like a good idea at the time" things. I stabbed my fingertips so many times with those stupid straight pins, they started to go numb. That was nothing compared to this undertaking. I had to take a couple items out of my collection after staining them with blood from a newly pricked finger. Then to top it all off, I ran out of tags. So I went to my office to print some more out and use the paper cutter which would be much more time efficient than cutting each one out w/ scissors. Smart right? In an ideal world it would be. In this world, I hurried too much and ended up slicing a piece of my thumb off with the paper cutter! Who does that?! Blood, oh my God, there was blood. It didn't hurt but it was so scary to look at. Of course there were no bandaids so I wrapped my thumb in gauze and medical tape. Then I had to finish all my tags and hanging since I had an appointment to turn my stuff in that afternoon! It's very difficult to operate a safety pin with a mummy thumb so I grabbed the only bandaids we had in the house:

Cute huh? I shouldn't wonder how Mia hurts herself just standing still. I have only my genes to blame.
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