Tuesday, February 19, 2008

When 4 Year Olds get bored

Home this past week because of pink eye and last week because of the flu, the girls and I were getting a little bit stir crazy. Well, more than a little bit because, really, how many Disney movies can you watch in a row without having some sort of nervous breakdown? I really can't answer that honestly because I was a bad mommy and sat watching LOST episodes on the lap top with the headphones on while I cuddled w/ my sickies. But after a while, even Jack Shepard gets old and so we turned to the karaoke mike and the camera and let the fun begin!

To the best of my ability, I tried to transcribe the lyrics you hear on this jewel of a video. Here they are in all their awesomeness:
I think so I like a light (incoherent mumbles, if you want to take a stab at the next few words, be my guest)
Something alone
A lonesome boring. I think it's not. Boring. When you're alone I, I think it's a lot. When you're alone, when you're alone and just scared, in the dark, and it's okay.
Princess up in the sky......be watching you under a star
(more mumbling interupted by Layla who is closer to the camera mike)
hey hey hey
*heavy, depressed sigh*

Family services should be here at any moment.

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Barbara said...

hey - it didn't even work for me for a photo...fix PLEASE. I need my lovely racket fix :)