Saturday, May 10, 2008

God Loves Us for Free!

This was the motto of the Varsity Boys State Championship Soccer game last night. As Chamblee High School battled Westminster Christian School the chant often was simply "PUBLIC SCHOOL! PUBLIC SCHOOL!"

It was a very nostalgic night for me as I stood in the stands watching all the high school kids going crazy for the heros on the field. I recalled my own Senior year and St. Pius' triumph over Parkview. We stormed the field which is something I had until that point only associated with "bigger" sports like football or basketball. It was a great moment in soccer!

The following is the last 10 seconds of last night's game and the aftermath that followed. I have to hand it to the teachers and security who actuall kept the kids in the stands until the teams had gone back to the field, shook hands, and got all their trophies, t-shirts, and hats (which was SO Super Bowl!) I apologize that I don't have the storming of the field on video because it 9:45 PM and I had both girls with me and had about a mile to hike to get back to the car. But this clip is pretty awesome. Enjoy

I have to admit, I got a little teary and emotional filming this and get a lot teary and emotional watching it. It's just so awesome.


Megan said...

maybe MAGNET SCHOOl is more accurate, but perhaps the school is mostly res kids? Either way, Westminster can suck it.

Erin L said...

this is AMAZING.