Friday, March 7, 2008


It's Friday and to celebrate, Lovely Racket is going interactive!

It's an easy game. Each Friday I will post a picture of someone who I captured making an unusual face. Your job - fill in the thought bubble. Welcome to WATT - What Are They Thinking?

Our first victim, I mean subject, is Ryan! So Ryan Lovett, come on down!!
Let the commenting begin! What is he thinking?


maureen said...

Come to me, oh sweet, succulant, morsel of the gods, that which by any other name would be as sweet. Shall I caress you with my lips? Oh, pizza, thy name be true!

Megan said...


who's a bite of pizza? who's a bite of pizza? you are! You're a bite of pizza! who's going in my belly? pizza's going in my belly!