Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Grandma's House

I love my Grandma's house. There are so many things that are distinctly hers, it always feels like home. This is just sampling of what I love about it:

Brown pool table:
Hours upon hours were spent down in the basement playing pool with my cousins and aunts (and Pat.) We started out just rolling the balls around by hand and as we grew older, graduated to the cue sticks. The support beam and close walls made for some creative shots that are some of my favorite memories. My personal favorite is the behind the back shot while sitting on the edge of the table and leaning around the beam.

Vintage Coke vending machine. This is distinctly Grandpa and I love it! The number of surrounding bottles has diminished but there's still a few around. I'm not sure if he was collecting to sell off one day or just like the shape and memories. Either way, I always think of him when I see old coke bottles and it makes me smile.

Frog collection!! I have no idea how this got started but it certainly got out of control. The craziest frog she ever received was from my Uncle Frank who one year gave her a live Horned Frog for Christmas. That was a bit too much for Grandma so my mom adopted it and Mr. Spock lived with us for a while. Unfortunately we had no idea how to properly care for a Horned Frog and I'm pretty sure he didn't last a year.

Original Family Tree drawn and painted by my Mom! This one was done in 1977 which is why I'm the only one in the nest. I think if she did one now the branches would be bending and about to snap! This tree had just two grandkids on it. Currently there are 17 grandkids and 4 great-grandkids. (You can see the full picture on Flickr over there to the left)

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