Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Letter To My Body

In response to a feature on Blogher, I am now going to adress a subject I don't normally do in public and that is of course, my body. So here we go:

Dear Body,

I've been too hard on you in the past. I'll admit that. I'm sorry. You weren't fat in high school, I didn't mean that. You were so good to me then and I never gave you the acknowlegement you deserved. You took a lot of abuse back then, mental and physical. We did so many things together - running, soccer, basketball, more soccer, water skiing, and that one day we attempted to join the swim team. In my defense though, body, I quit that team the very same day. I did that for you. I mean I can call you pudgy and not good enough all day but I draw the line at hurting every inch of you to the point of not being able to move. That was a rough day for both of us.
What I'm driving at here, body, is that we had some good times in the past and I didn't appreciate you enough. That guy I hang out with a lot? He's really helped me see you for you. I understand now how good to me you really are. So I'm ready to start new here and really take this relationship to the next step. But you need to help me too. I mean were the stretchmarks & extra skin after the babies really necessary? That was a low blow to be honest. But maybe I deserved it with the low self esteem remarks of the past. So again, I apologize. So let's shake hands, go for a nice jog around the neighborhood and get back to the good ol' days. What do you say?


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