Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Getting over the time change

Everyone I know was complaining yesterday about the lost hour for Daylight Savings. Amazing how just one hour can disrupt your life. Even I myself felt it when the battle to get up in the morning began with the girls barely even moving when I first tried to wake them.

But after getting home at 6:00 and having a beautiful, sunny evening ahead of us, I got over that lost hour pretty damn quick. For the first time in months, we played after getting home. Outside!
Sadly I had to keep Bella tethered since some idiot dumped a bunch of potatoes in the middle of the road. I'm pretty sure she would have died to get at those things and since they were in the road, that was a possibility. This presented two problems: 1. Mia would throw things out of reach of the leash and poor Bella would be jerked back out of her glory run and 2. Mia would throw things across Layla's path resulting in the leash doing a full on Cobra Kai sweeping of the leg. Not a pretty sight.

Layla's a tough girl though and recovered pretty quickly. She then took to "digging". That basically entailed picking up pine straw, placing it delicately on her shovel, and dumping it on mommy's head.
My own mother once got a book from the library about the different humor stages of children. I'm quite sure that if I find that book, dumping things on people's head is #1 under the 2-year-old section. #2 would be putting stinky socks on your hands and waving them in people's faces.

They wore Bella out and I left her outside for at least another hour to play while we cooked and ate dinner. She rewarded us by peeing on the carpet.

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