Monday, August 25, 2008

Yes, we're still alive

Wow, it's been a whole week since I've posted. Bad blogger, bad. It's just been crazy busy. To sum up last week here are the highlights:

My friend Kim FINALLY got pregnant thanks to some fantastic advances in medicine. She is now carrying TWO healthy little fetuses. Or is it feti? At any rate, I'm just as excited for her as I was for my own pregnancies. YAY KIM!

Mia and I had our first mother/daughter salon day. She thought it was the greatest thing ever to be able to pick out her own nail color and have someone paint her nails for her. She was not so sure about Mommy getting her eyebrows waxed but got through it with sparkly glitter nails.

I went through three days of CPR/AED, First Aid training to be a trainer classes at the Red Cross. So now not only can I save your life, I can teach anyone how to do it. That's almost worth coming in on Saturday (my 3rd working Saturday in a row), I'm still debating that.

I am not mentally able to play 2K8 MLB on the Wii. My brain does not work that fast and it only pisses me off. So much so that I ended up throwing the remote across the room and storming upstairs not unlike a Mia tantrum. So I'm sticking to Rock Band and Wii Fit from now on.

So there's our week in a nutshell. Chuck and Layla were boring I guess so they don't get noted in this post. I should ask them to step it up this week to get some press.

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anna said...

Cool on the mother/daughter spa day! I'm jealous. I took my son to get his haircut, but he was clearly not into it. Guess I'll have to try for another kid. :)