Monday, August 18, 2008

Pay no attention, it is just another day!

My mother hates birthdays. Not everyone's, just her own. When I was little, her sisters planned a surprise party for her. To get her to the secret location, they called and asked her to come pick up my cousin b/c they needed a baby-sitter right away. We had just sat down to eat and mom was a bit stressed about that. I tried to convince her that Megan & I needed to go with her but no - we are eating dinner! Then she cursed a bit and stressed out and went over there to get my cousin. Megan and I sat, awaiting the storm that would come home when she realized she had to come back, get us, and then go all the way back to her sister's house (like a 2 mile drive btw) and "enjoy" a party in her honor. I mean can you imagine - her family wanted to interupt her day to throw her a party. The nerve! I remember her telling us to set an extra place for my cousin before she left and Megan and I debated, do we set it out? He's not actually coming over. Yeah, but she's really mad so we should at least follow directions. But he's not really coming over. I don't know!!! Last year I was thrown a surprise party by my husband and I think she may have suffered some post-traumatic stress because of it.

So for the love of God, if you see my mother today, don't wish her a Happy Birthday. Pretend I never said anything. It'll just be our little secret.

And for the record. She's 29.
I love you Mom!


Iris said...

That was funny. And your mom looks great for 29. (I just found your site, I'm new to the mommy blogging) you take care, Iris

anna said...

Awww! Happy 29th Birthday, LovelyRacketMOM!