Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Morons of the week

It's time again for the stupid Chamblee crimal report! This one has a lot of stupid victims. Here are my favorites:

It's always nice to share - Police found a man bleeding from the face and nose and called paramedics to help him. The 40 year old victim told police that he had two beers and went to hide in the bushes to drink them. Two men saw him and asked him to share. He said no and they beat him up.

DUH - A man reported that he left his 2000 white GMC van running while he went into Lowes. When he came back, it was gone. He said that he left it running because it had a bad starter.

This is actually a smart victim. When in doubt, start yelling - A 38 year old man reported that he and his wife were standing behind their apartment building when three masked men jumped out of a vehicle and robbed them. One of the men had a pistol and another demanded the man’s wallet. The man told them that he had no wallet and began screaming “ROBBERY”. The robbers returned to their car and fled.

You can't count on your friends - Officer W. found a man urinating in public and arrested him. After being booked into the city jail, the man’s friend came to bail him out. The friend asked for the man but called him by a different name that the offender had told the officer. The friend, realizing his mistake, then asked for the man by the name given to the officer. Officer W., suspecting that the offender had lied about his real name, went into the jail and called the man by the other name. The offender quickly replied “YES, THAT’S ME.” Needless to say, the offender was also charged with giving a false name to a police officer.

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