Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I do it for Love

A couple weeks ago we enrolled Mia in tennis camp. She insisted she did not need tennis camp because she already knew how to play tennis. During each session of camp she whined to the coach that she didn't know how to do anything. Until he tried to show her how and then she boldly told him she already knew that already! The poor poor man. I actually heard him exclaim "I don't need this aggravation!" Luckily at that point he was talking to the mother of two boys who were throwing tennis balls at each other so my little ball of crazy was safe for the moment.
Yesterday I heard her teaching Layla, "you can't swing because then the ball will go too far. You have to punch. Punch."

There were only five kids in the group but that still leaves time to wait for the other kids to take their turns. Want to know what bored kids do with tennis rackets?

Yep, they rub them on their butts while they dance. This was the most tame of their racket antics. It's all innocent to the kids but I'm looking on in shock and awe. Please stop sitting on your racket like that. It really looks bad.

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