Monday, August 11, 2008

1st Day of School!

Mia went to Kindergarten today! And to document this occasion we had a professional photographer in our home, snapping pictures the whole way. No, I'm not that crazy. We were followed by the photog and reporter for an article in the AJC. As I walk up the stairs with the reporter I tell her that normally I have to drag Mia out of bed but seeing as she is super excited for school, she'll probably jump right up. I opened her door and she was already climbing down her bunk bed ladder! Bright-eyed & bushy tailed as my dad used to say. No whining as I fixed her hair, minimal fighting with Layla. She was on her best behavior for our guests. They stayed in the classroom after I dropped her off to document the ABC's & 123's of the day. I can't wait to see the article tomorrow.

I can say this, thanks to the AJC, my house has never been so clean!

So my baby is growing up. I got her off without any tears for either of us although there were extra good-byes at the classroom. I know she'll be great! I mean, look at her, the excitement of school has turned her into a cheerleader!


megan said...

It's online!! story is so good!

Nancy said...

Awwwwww! How adorable! My office mate says your girls are "so cute!" How did you get picked by the AJC?
I read your baking blog, but it makes me salivate and crave things I shouldn't eat, so I can't read it anymore. When I search "a lovely racket," Google asks me, "did you mean a lovely cricket?"