Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Watch out Amanda Beard, there's a new girl in town!

Mia had her 2nd ever swim meet today. Last week she cried because they were trying to make her swim. Imagine that. Coaches asking a member of the swim team to swim. The nerve! Mia refused to go into the deep end which is where they start each event. This week was an away meet. The lanes begin at the 5 ft. area which is still over her head. Did we forget to mention that to her? Oops. Well, we didn't lie - it wasn't the deep end! She cried again. This time it was because she didn't swim enough! Oh yeah, she got in there, took about 3 full minutes to get to the other side and miracles did not cease, she actually beat another swimmer! I thought for sure I would be the embarrassed parent, cheering my kid, alone in the pool, on while the entire audience waited to start the next event. I was happily wrong. My girl isn't the only doggy paddler who must. not. get. face. wet.And let's add some more amazement to the story; she did the entire length of that pool - 25 meters - with a smile on her face! I was near tears by the time she touched that wall. I pulled her out and pointed to the far lane and screamed, "LOOK!! YOU BEAT HER!" I'm not sure that mother will be inviting us over for a playdate anytime soon. For the rest of the evening, every 5 minutes, Mia would look at me and ask "How proud of me are you?!" I'm pretty damn sure I was the proudest parent at that pool.

Later, one of the team moms gave Mia a dollar. She said that her daughter had been given a dollar to swim her first event at that very pool about 10 years ago. It's a little more than awesome that that girl was the Flower Girl at our wedding.

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