Monday, June 16, 2008

My life in The Office

Last week I had a lovely 69 year old woman come to pay for her grandchild to attend a week of camp. She got to talking about how we're expensive (we're not) and she's on a fixed income because she's retired and she doesn't mean to burden me with her problems BUT.......... I sat there for about 20 minutes, dutifully nodding and interjecting the occasional "oh dear"s and "bless your heart"s that a good southern girl should say (so I have learned living in the south as I was raised by two Yankees and was never taught such, um, pleasantries) I'm trying my darndest to be supportive to this woman who I don't know and not stop her by yelling "I don't care how much your ex-husband's heart medication costs, I've got work to do!" I've got serious poker face going on which is way impressive because I have no poker face. At this point, my boss comes in, says "I forgot, these people called earlier" and hands me a post it note which I have scanned for your viewing pleasure:I think it's clear that we watch entirely too much of The Office.

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