Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Horror

Remember how I kept raving about our favorite Mexican place? We ate dinner then whenever we had the time or money and Chuck ate lunch there at least once a week since it is right around the corner. Well, check this shit out.
Most notable, to me, the mother of the girl who licked her cheesecake bowl clean and then proceeded to lick everyone else's, is this little gem : Violation of Code: [.05(6)(n) ] Dish machine not sanitizing at 50 ppm when tested. No sanitizer present in cloth storage container when tested.

Vallarta has since been inspected and received a score of 100. BUT after reading that inspection report and knowing that the previous 5 out of 10 inspections have resulted in "U" status I really can't stomach eating there ever ever ever again. Not even for bottomless margartias. *sigh*

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Anonymous said...

NOTE: PIC nor Asst. manager did not sign the report due to the PIC, yelling, busting a picture frame on the wall by striking it with his left hand, knocking pictures/art from the wall, attempting to throw a bottle of wine at inspector, and kicking unclean plates onto the floor from bus pans. Inspector left the property due to altercation. No copies of report/results were left with the PIC nor the Asst. mgr.; inspector has all copies of inspection report.

DUDE!!! Come on!!! ABC needs to make a reality show about that place.