Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day 3 and The Boat Incident

Day three in Berlin we had a great plan - a boat tour. My legs were so happy! I wore cute little sliders with zero support because I knew we wouldn't be walking much. I didn't count on getting lost trying to find the boat. But that was after we walked from the hotel to the zoo and Kaiser Wilhelm Gadachtnis Kirche (Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church) or what is simply called "the old bombed out church". It was all but destroyed in WWII but the public insisted that the tower remain standing so a new church was rebuilt next to the "broken tooth" tower.

After walking around both the old and new churches, we went to find our boat. We ended up finding a completely different tour company and just jumped on with them. It was a beautiful tour down the River Spree, Lanwehr Canal, and Urbanhafen. At one point, they let us out for 45 min break to walk around. We grabbed some sandwiches at a local bakery (mozzerella, tomato, and basil on a baguette - YUM!) and got back on the boat where they tell us "You have reservation. Not allowed" and pointed at our food. We decided that food was more important than a tour and left he boat. Luckily the rest stop was less than a mile from the bombed church and we knew where we were. So we went shopping instead at Ka De We which is a very expensive Macy's type store with 9 levels of clothing, toys, jewelry, food, etc. etc. etc. The Euro was not kind to us there. Had a quick nap at the hotel and then went out for dinner and found the most amazing chocolate shop ever. It had chocolate sculptures of the Bradenburg Gate, The Titanic, and a working chocolate volcano! I was in heaven!
Travel tip of the day: If you take a boat tour in Berlin - buy the food offered on the boat or eat before you get there.
Bonus travel tip - Do NOT miss Fassbender & Rausch Chocolates at Charlottenstra├če 60. Their truffles are to die for and their dark chocolate coffee bark is the pick me up of champions!

Day 3 pics here

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