Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Berlin, Day 2

This day was the most venue packed and exhausting day of the week. My body never did make a full recovery until Saturday when we laid in bed for 3 hours while Beth was at her performance. I thanked God that it was raining when she got back so we had dinner and drinks at the hotel bar instead of walking somewhere.

So this was Tuesday and we saw St. Hedwig's Cathedral, The French Dome which was a Huguenot Church, the Berliner Dome which I believe was the National Cathedral, the Egyptian Museum, Greek Antiquities Museum, Old National Art Gallery, Alexanderplatz fountain, and the TV Tower. My legs felt like they would fall off and my poor hips were screaming at me. Darn pregnancies were not good to my hips as they were not so kindly reminding me. This is what I get for not running regularly anymore.

Enough whining, this day was amazing. So much history and beautiful art. The gallery was unbelievable. They had a Manet and Monet exhibit. My audio guide said that Monet was very highly critiqued when he first began. There was a painting of a cathedral with people milling about in front of it. They said that one critic looked at it and exclaimed that the people looked like "blobs of spit!" I had to bite my tongue so as not to bust out laughing in the middle of the hushed gallery. I also saw a Van Gogh, a Rembrandt, and the original "The Thinker". It and the Berliner Dom were my favorite aspects of the day. The Dom is a beautiful cathedral. We climbed 270 steps to get to the top and though my legs were trembling from the strain, it was well worth it. The view was nothing short of spectacular.

After all the walking and climbing and more walking, we had time for a short nap while waiting for Beth to get back from rehearsal. Have I mentioned the whole reason for this trip was Beth? She sings with the Atlanta Symphony Chorus who was being hosted by the German Philharmonic for a partnered performance series at the end of the week. It was an incredible performance but that was Day 5 so you'll have to wait. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, so when Beth returns from rehearsal we walked across the street to Ambrosius Bier Garten where I had a huge plate of fried food and beer! Re-energized, we trekked over to Alexanderplatz and went to the top of the TV Tower which brings me to my travel tip for Day 2: Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT go to the top of the TV Tower in Berlin. I costs 9 Euros (almost $15) and it is crowded and boring. The Berliner Dom cost only 5 Euros but it was an entire cathedral. You can also go to the top of the Reichstag Dome for free!

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