Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bellatrix living up to her name

I've sat here all day contemplating and I have no idea how she pulled this off. I find myself doing that a lot when it comes to Bella. We put her outside on a leash tied to the fence. I come out later and she's stuck because somehow she defied all laws of physics and looped her leash through the mesh of the iron picnic table. Or she's tied a knot around the hose. How does she do it?! Last night I heard a horrible screeching noise and then a crash. I ran outside to find this scene:The grill was backed up against that ugly wall. Bella flipped it around AND knocked it to the ground. I was in shock and awe. Apparently Bella was too. She kept staring at the grill and then running away from it like "it came outta nowhere!" She's a special dog.

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