Monday, March 17, 2008

The Luck of the Irish

We celebrated St. Patty's Day early since we're old and don't want to fight the drunken crowds on a Monday night. We learned our lesson the year Beth got beer dumped down her back. We have to do something because it is a holiday after all and a holiday that requires drinking. Plus it's Shwetha's birthday and what better way to celebrate an Irish holiday than with a Hindu?

We first tried our luck at Meehan's, a local Irish pub. The waitress was less than desirable and due to the holiday, they switched serving beer from 20 oz. pints to 12 oz. plastic cups and only charged $.50 less! She said it was because people get drunk and break them. That didn't explain why we couldn't be trusted with regular silverwear and had to eat with crappy plastic knives and forks. The utensils led to a discussion on whether or not you could cut a steak with a plastic knife (you could) which somehow led to my husband asking if you could perform a C-Section with said knife. The dentist in the room surmised that you could not. The conversation went down hill from there. Luckily my Black Velvets aided in my memory loss so I don't have to relive it.

The second part of the evening was much better at Cafe Intermezzo because you can't go wrong with chocolatey coffee drinks and cake.

Meanwhile, the girls got to make Easter cookies w/ Grandma Maureen. :)

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