Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Have you seen the Fail Blog yet? If not, go now. No wait, read this small post first, and then go because once you get there, you will undoubtedly spend hours scrolling through the ridiculous blunders showcased. It is one of the few blogs I view every single day. Although sometimes it's fun to wait a few days so I have more posts to view when I get there.
While I'm out and about, I usually find my own fails that I only hope will one day get posted on Fail Blog. Such as this:

I don't know where to even begin with this. The idea alone appears to be a fail but then there's more. The final 'S' on Jesus is insane. The final 'S' on Loves was an afterthought. It is just fail gold! What is the message here anyway? Are they trying to tell me that Jesus loves police or that the Jesus Police love me? I'm so confused! I didn't even get a photo of his rear window which was covered in spiritual messages. How he sees out of it, I have no idea. So maybe the message is supposed to be that Jesus loves Police so that when he gets pulled over, they will show mercy.

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The Peavyhouse Family said...

Hey! It's great to hear how you all are doing. We love you all and miss ya!