Thursday, December 4, 2008

Houston, we are go for poop

One of the most daunting tasks of parenting is potty training. It is frustrating and messy. I made the decision to stop fooling around with the pull ups already and get down to business on the long holiday weekend. Why didn't I try this sooner?! Layla took to it almost immediately. Seriously, one day of accidents (thank you GOD the one at my in-law's was outside!) and she was all into being a big girl! She argues about wearing a pull up to bed but I draw the line on washing sheets more than 3 times in a week! Not to get all graphic but going number 2 is a bit difficult for the little ones. Layla seemed to wait until she got her nap diaper to go. My dear, loving husband found this out the hard way. We had just sat down to dinner and she said she had to go. I, luckily, was trapped in bench seating and he was at the head seat so he got up to help her. He took her to the bathroom, yanked her diaper down and *plop*, a nice present landed in his hand! For all the mothers out there you know what a moment this is! This is retribution for all the stinky diapers and throw up and runny noses we have ever had to clean up. I could barely choke out a "sorry honey" as the tears rolled down my face.
She has since mastered that aspect and though she still has an accident here and there, they are getting fewer and farther between and I am proud to say that I bought my last package of diapers!


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LOL- so funny. Bobby finally figured it out in Sept. Good for you.