Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Weekend Highlights

Dragon Con Parade kicked total ass! People dressed up all over, amazing groups marching. The GI Joes must not get much love because I actually heard someone say "there's someone who knows" after I screamed out "GO JOE!" Some woman was dressed up as Alice in Wonderland. My brother informs me that this is because of a recent video games where good characters go evil. We made the wrong choice by pointing her out to Mia who would not stop badgering us about when she would see the rest of the Disney Princesses. Where was Ariel? Where was Cinderella? Thank GAWD there was a "Young Adult Literature" group with several princesses including GISELLE!!! Who my girls yelled and yelled at until she came over and gave them candy. It made up for the scary as crap people from Netherworld, a local haunted house. Here's a little slide show of the parade. The pics aren't fantastic since I was trying to get as many people as possible and some were really booking it. But you get the idea just the same. It was pretty awesome.

We went home for a couple hours to recoup from the parade and then went out to sit in 90 degree heat to watch my brother play soccer for Olgethorpe University. The game was close so he did not get any playing time but he's just a Freshman so he has plenty of time to play in the future. I did get this little gem of a quote from my brother Ryan, "If they want us to pronounce Petrol correctly they need to add an 'e' or an 'a' or something more grammerical. Grammerical. Or however they say it!" I love you Ry-Man!

Then my daughter went psychic. We were on our way to Five Guys for some dinner and she proclaimed that she was going to pick our number that they will call out to tell us when our food is ready and we were going to be #1. I explained to her that they give us a number, we can't pick. As God is my witness, we were order #1 and I stared at the cashier dumbfounded and told him the story. He gave Mia some high fives and totally made her day. Five Guys dude, you rock!

And that's just Saturday. No one can say we took it easy this weekend. How did ya'll spend the holiday weekend?


megan said...

wow... just.. wow. I spent my weekend establishing my own kingdom, but this is pretty amazing.

barbwire said...

at the risk of sounding ignornant what kind of parade was that? and i spent my saturday cleaning, but got a great bike ride in sunday and lounged by the pool
with kathleen, sadie and Gma. monday i worked. boo. i tried to get gma to swim but she wasn't falling for it.