Monday, July 28, 2008

Your growns up, your growns up and your growns up!

My little girl went to Kindergarten Camp today. It's a week of half days in Kindergarten to get the kids used to the layout of the building and how to behave in school. Like that's possible for a 5 year old. Mia woke up this morning saying she was scared and nervous and scared. We walked in and she is a rock star since her Pappa B is a teacher there. Everyone knows her already and is SO EXCITED TO SEE HER! I was immediately forgotten for crayons and blocks, all thoughts of nervousness gone in an instant. Mia is in her element - learning and playing. When I picked her up she was building a castle. This is when I decided she had been taken over by aliens - without me or the teacher saying a word, she put all those blocks away! My daughter. Cleaned up her own mess. If that carries back to home and she starts cleaning her room, Mrs. Sosa is getting one hell of a teacher's gift! On the way home Mia said "You're a grown up and I'm still a kid." I said, "Yes, and that's just the way I like it."Tonight she has her first session of tennis camp. She better sleep through tonight or I want my money back.

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