Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sing-along Saturday (Sunday)

This isn't so much as a sing-a-long as a drum-a-long but it was too good to let go. We recently acquired Rock Band for the Wii and invited my teenage brothers over to partake in the merriment that is ROCK & ROLL!! Aw yeah!
This is Ryan on the drums. I think he was paying more attention to his audience than the screen. It's kind of awesome.


Ry-Ry Love said...

OOOO YEAH! I totaly rock out on that solo part! TOO MUCH ROCK FOR ONE HAND!

megan said...

OH MAN! Ryan why are you hiding your light under a bushel basket?!?!?! spread that skill with the world!!

also, haircut? I actually liked the shaggy. can't believe I'm saying it.