Friday, April 18, 2008

Win win win

Last night we went to the last PTA meeting of the year for Mia's school. It featured an "art show". It featured one painted picture from each student. They were all lovingly matted and framed and hanging neatly in rows. You could take your child's picture and buy it. For $32.50. Now they have told the kids about this show. Sent them home with stickers on their shirts that read "Aske me about my art show!" To tell your child that you do not want to spend over $30 on an item that gets sent home each week for free is like stabing a knife through her head. At this point I would have given in and bought it. But Mr. "it's quite a racket they've got goin' on here" was not falling for it. We were close to melt down right in the middle of the elementary school gym. Luckily I married a genius who said, "Mia, you know the painting I did above the fireplace? Why don't we go to the store and buy a small canvas for you and you can paint one for your room?" Tears evaporated instantly and we left for the cafeteria to pay $4 for a slice of pizza.

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